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I am a mixed-media sculptor, art director, project manager, and teacher. All of my work is motivated by a desire to understand how humans interact with their physical environment, whether it be tools, architecture, props for theater, or puppets for a parade.

I am honored to have contributed to some of Chicago’s most innovative arts organizations. I was an Art Director for Redmoon Theater at the old, old shop on Chicago Avenue. I was the founding Woodworking Department Manager at the Chicago Industrial Arts and Design Center. As Art Director for Opera-Matic, I designed participatory art experiences in public spaces. Currently, I teach Production Design and Fabrication at Columbia College.

I have a BFA in Sculpture from Northern Illinois University, and an MFA in Sculpture from Miami of Ohio.

Here I am on one of the most satisfying days of my professional life- ‘tree shopping’ for a fallen oak to use in my collaboration with Transit Studio.